PINK Detroit is always looking for new mentors. Our goal is to paint the city PINK, and we will not stop until every woman, young or experienced, is PINK.

To Get Involved as a Mentor or Volunteer, one must:

  • Be A Beautiful, Talented and Intelligent¬† Young Woman
  • Be Between the ages of 18-30
  • Have Reliable Transportation
  • Show sincere dedicated to uplifting the city of Detroit
  • Openly be willing to share your experiences with others, to prevent them from experiencing similar trials and tribulations
  • Complete a 5 step New Member Application Process.

To Get Started, submit a request for a Mentor Application in the ‘Contact Us‘ section of our site.

All of our mentors undergo background checks by the facilities that we mentor at and go through a screening process to ensure that PINK Detroit is a good fit for them.